"compagno uomo, tu sai cos'è l'orrore del bosco quando vi si apre una radura notturna? o no. quando ripensi nottetempo alla radura che hai veduto e traversato di giorno, e là c'è un fiore, una bacca che sai, che oscilla al vento, e questa bacca, questo fiore, è una cosa selvaggia, intoccabile, mortale, fra tutte le cose selvagge? capisci questo? un fiore che è come una belva? compagno, hai mai guardato con spavento e con voglia la natura di una lupa, di una daina, di una serpe?"

I love menstruating, il tè all'ortica, pahari miniature paintings, dancing and singing to adore something or someone


People worship god.
I worship this separation from you.
It is worth Haj to a hundred Meccas,
This separation from you.

People say I am as brilliant as the sun,
They say I am famous.
What a fire it has lit in me,
This separation from you.

Behind me is my shadow,
Ahead, is my darkness.
I fear that it might leave me,
This separation from you.

No taint of the body is in it,
Nor litter of the mind,
All has been winnowed out,
By this separation from you.

When sorrow comes, bringing with it
Loneliness and pain,
I pull it close to me,
This separation from you.

Sometimes it colors my words
Sometimes it weaves through my songs,
It has taught me great deal,
This separation from you.

When sorrow, defeated, fell at my feet,
Amazed at my fidelity,
The world came out to see
This separation from you.

Love earned me fame.
People flocked to praise me.
It wept in my embrace,
This separation from you.

The world turned out to tell me,
That I had been unwise.
It sat me on a throne today
This separation from you.

- separation, shiv kumar batalvi

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ustad nusrat fateh ali khan

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Isola mattutina:
riaffiora a mezza luce
la volpe d’oro
uccisa a una sorgiva.

(frammento) l’eucalyptus, salvatore quasimodo

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In alto c’è un pino distorto;
sta intento ed ascolta l’abisso
col fusto piegato a balestra.

Rifugio d’uccelli notturni,
nell’ora più alta risuona
d’un battere d’ali veloce.

Ha pure un suo nido il mio cuore
Sospeso nel buio, una voce;
sta pure in ascolto, la notte.

rifugio d’uccelli notturni, salvatore quasimodo

Sep 13

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The Khatylaevs are a husband and wife duet from the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Their spiritual folk music expresses a deep connection to the land. The practice and form of the music has ancient roots spanning back into the annals of a nomadic and pagan history. (source)
In Sakha concepts prevalent among elders and members of Kut-siur, the key to Sakha fertility and the transfer of souls to human mothers is the sky goddess Aiyyhyt. Various shamanic rituals of earlier times helped assuage problems of infertility or child deaths by convincing Aiyyhyt to transfer souls from the sky (especially from the main sky god Aiyy Toion) into a suffering woman. Shamans considered capable of leading such rituals were often, but not necessarily, women.
In one case, a young woman asked the shaman Saman Gul’aev for help because she had lost many children in childbirth or soon after. He prepared a small bird’s nest that was placed on a sacred tree in the forest to attract the souls of a potential newborn. A child was born soon after and lived until adulthood. (text source)

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From a swamp, evil, viscous,
a rustling reed, I rose to light,
passionate, tender, languorous,
breathing forbidden life.

And no one ever notices
my cold, marshy shelter,
where short autumnal minutes,
greet me with their whisper.

I delight in cruel injury
and in a life, like a dream,
I envy everyone secretly,
I secretly love everything.

osip mandelstam

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Θανάσης Παπακωνσταντίνου - Σαν παιδί

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'confession in the midday sun' by samih al-qasim


I planted the tree
I scorned the fruit
I took its trunk as firewood
I made the Oud
I played a tune

I broke the Oud
I lost the fruit
I lost the tune
I…mourned the tree

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close-up, directed by abbas kiarostami

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begum akhtar //  woh jo hum mein tum mein quarar tha

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